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1/8/2006 It has come to our attention that a large volume of spam has been sent out today advertising logo services. The spam does not purport to come from Munin Enterprises, but it does list info@munin-ent.com as the sender's return address.

These messages have no relationship to our operation, and we suspect they are the result of a virus "spoofing" the info@munin-ent.com address. Harold sincerely appologizes for the inconvenience to the recipients.

12/23/2005 Harold will be out of town from Monday, December 26 through Monday, January 2 for the Christmas and New Year holiday. He will be checking his email and voicemail remotely, however, so please do leave him a message or send him an email. He'll get back to you as soon as he can.

9/1/2004 Please be aware that Harold is going out of the country in December (December 9 - January 10). Many clients choose to purchase new systems at the end of the year to maximize their tax benefits for the previous year - be sure to contact Harold before December to arrange for system set-up, as he will be unavailable during most of the month of December.

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